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the two that grew up by sweet-saucey-snokkie the two that grew up :iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 0 5 End it for me by sweet-saucey-snokkie End it for me :iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 0 1 Snokkie'Ophelia' by sweet-saucey-snokkie Snokkie'Ophelia' :iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 2 5
Yr 12 here we come
i remeber when we danced in fairy suits,
we were only 10,
now were are 17 yrs old,
and we are still good friends.
the tears weve shared,
and the lives we lost,
seem so long ago.
we are now yr 12's
seniors of the school
we can do what we always do (in my case, screaming round the quad as displayed today)
but it seems logical,
because WE ARE YR12!!!!
i have so much joy inside of me
i never thought i would see the day
were the whole school looks up to us
and now we only look down.
ive been told to study
and never be in trouble
but how can they make me be grounded
when i feel like flying high!
the day has finally come,
were i can now say,
we rule the school!
and not in a metaphorical way!!!!!
we are Yr 12
and we have the duty
:iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 0 1
snokkie the model by sweet-saucey-snokkie snokkie the model :iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 1 5
My Knife
I walk through the rooms full of people
Only to go through their bodies
I cannot touch anything
I cannot feel anything
Everything fades into darkness as I see the light
Reflecting off the kitchen bench
It looks so pretty there
Hanging over the side
I swooped down on to the knife, my knife
I pick it up as if it was my child
I stroke it as if it was my lover
When I look up there is just the kitchen
No one in it but myself
I look at my knife
The reflection of my eyes in the blade looks insisting
I look at my hands
They have lines across my skin
All the way up my arms
Across all my veins
The voice in my mind says cut
Cut till you feel no pain
The tears will heal my body
And as I am blinded by my tears
I slowly slip into more darkness
Looking up into a world I never got the feel for
A world were I was not welcome
Were there was only pain
But no I am gone
I am in an eternal sleep of life  
but yet I feel dead
Was my mind playing tricks on me?
Was my mind like everything in the othe
:iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 0 0
i feel like a jar that is sealed too well
that cannot leak a drop of water
Yearning only to pour forth its contents
pounding against the walls
the bars of my prison
Invisible bars
I want to break this jar
hear it smashing to pieces
as I fling myself from its strangling hold
and breath
and cry.
:iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 0 1
What you mean to me
i bow to you because you always there for me.
i send you a picture of a pig because he is a honest creature, just like us.
i knock on your door,
but its not nessary,
because your door is always open.
i laugh so hard for no reason,
but i am because of the good times we've had,
and the ones yet to come.
i sent you a lightbulb to you in the mail,
you looked puzzeled,
but its because you always turn the light on,
you help me see in the dark.
i wont disect frogs in science.
they reminds me of our wierd eating habbits,
nutella always taste better when it with you.
as i write this i smile,
remembering why im doing this,
and then it appears in my mind,
i send you this poem,
because even though we are so alike,
i know we are different,
and you may not understand the clues,
but the all add up to say,
I    LOVE    YOU!
:iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 0 1
daddys girl gone crazy
i watch the colours swirling past
its like a major blast from the past.
vibrant reds, yellows and blacks
i feel as if im floating
being swung around in a storm
i feel so high i want to fly
but someone is keeping me down
i shot up like a rocket
and then i drop, down down down,
a minute before i hit the ground
my life flashes across my eys
and i feel that its all meaningless
but it scares me to think
i wanted this so much
to be away from everyones touch
never to see my friends again
to be alone in the dark dark day
away from your touch forevermore, forevermore in the darkness
it consumes me into its hellish pit
drowning me into my own fears and lustness
of being complete, complete as you.
i lay there at night
in the hellish pit of my highs and lows
wanting it all just to go.
i wanted this so much
to be away from everyones touch
never to see my friends again
to be alone in the dark dark day
away from your touch forevermore
but now im so scared
wanting to take it back
give me the life i ha
:iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 0 3
I may not look so pretty,
I may not be dignified,
I may not be so popular,
I may have brown eyes,
I may be a little mad,
I may be a crazy cow!
But i do have one true friend,
And she has shown me how...
To make it through the rain,
To make it through the good times
To make it through the pain.
So truly thank you,
I thank you honestly,
I hope i make you happy,
As happy as you make me.
:iconsweet-saucey-snokkie:sweet-saucey-snokkie 0 5

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So......Im set on getting a tattoo, something small that can fit on the side of my neck behind my ear. It going to have something to do with anime, I have 4 animes that I love and I want something from them, the 1st of course is Soul eater but I cant find something that I love that would look good and means something, to me I want it to be about the love and the devotion of between soul and maka, then their is Inuyasha, again I want it to symbolise the love of the charaters or be a symbol from the anime its self. Fairy Tail, this is the one I have decided I will get if all else fails, its the tattoo the charater have in the guild. The last one which I have failed at finding anything for is Terran Toppa Gurren Lagann (I know- its a mouthfull and a half). My favorite character is Yoko (My hair is now the exzact same colour now :D  YAY!).

ANYONE who can draw and knows what Im talking about or has any idees or ANYTHING let me know. I want to get it by the end of the year or start of next year and I want to be 100% sure on what I get :)


sweet-saucey-snokkie's Profile Picture
Charlotte Williamson
I live in Newcastle Australia and love it for the beaches.
Im a huge fan of anime with my favorite ones being Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Full Metal Panic! and Inuyusha
Im more of an observer than an artist on this site


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paralel Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2007
luv you ;) :heart:
paralel Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2007
Congrats ,my love
devilsrope Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2007
hi charlotte
aw hows uni going for you?
im there too, i just came home from there actully. ur doing teaching right? so am i, for the time being, untill i can change into architecture. but its sorta fun-ish.
:iconsweet-saucey-snokkie: doing BA as i dont know wat i wanna do yet

doing ancinet which i hate,Sociology,philosophy and psycology. not very good choices and hate all but sociology n have a shit load of work i should be doing right
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